Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The sun will come out tomorrow! We just need to follow the Son! 1/28/2015

At the airport, I didn’t let tears come; I just cried on the inside.  I wanted to be strong!  After security the other missionaries began to talk; I had to be the one to start the rest of the conversations because they were so sad and we needed to be happy.  I have to admit on the flight from Newark to Manchester they gave out pillows.  I used mine as mostly as a snot rag.  Homesickness is getting less now that I am here. 
There are 4 sisters and 16 elders until tomorrow; we will be getting 5 new elders and 10 sisters.
There are 10 in our district but in two weeks there are more 2 weekers, German speakers coming. This week there are only 15 missionaries coming.  In 2 weeks there should be 70 missionaries in the mtc. Super crazy, they said the most they have had is 90-100
 Fun fact Elder Donald sat next to me on that flight, Elder McLean on the other side of him, Elder Carter right in front of me, and Elder Maw next to him. We all sat together and now we are all in the same district.  This is Sister Priest that had to run to catch the plane in Newark.  She barely made it before the doors closed.
I just need to be easier on myself; I will learn German in time. It is so hard for Sister Cramer and me.  We are struggling, can you add us to your prayers? I am trying to stay afloat! I find that I just get the surface a lot of things and most things go over my head.   We speak in German so much; it is like anytime we teach it’s German. Our instructors teach all in German then repeats in English.  All lessons with investigators are in German.
No, we haven’t went tracking and we won’t because we don’t have a visa. We just role play with the teachers acting like investigators.
You have no idea how many times I have read that quote form President Strong.  “The harder you work, the easier it becomes, and quicker the time will go!”  I am trying to figure out how I can work harder.  I have used up my note cards for learning ten new German words a week, long with using them for learning lessons.  Well, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow bet your bottom dollar; there will be sun.  We have to go through the storm before the sun comes again!  Today was a self-searching day at the temple.


Flowers at the temple

We went to the temple today and it was great!  I was one of the last out of the celestial room; my comp wanted to go earlier so he went with other elders. I didn’t want to leave yet, so I was wondering if you could send names.  We go to the temple every pday, so I would love to do family names.

Walking back from the book store here with the sisters in our district.

So, today we got money! 10 pounds so that was super exciting!  It bought my groceries and I got a sweatshirt.   I paid with cash and the cashiers were super nice because I had no idea what coins were worth what. So, they politely helped me; by that I mean they nicely told me which ones.  If felt like when a parent does that for  a small child to help them learn:)
There are no vending machines here in the mtc. The food is good, they cook every meal.   Breakfast is sometimes cereal but besides that they cook food.   It’s not a buffet, but you can go back and get more. I don’t because I get things like fruit and try to not eat like a pig and gain a whole lot of weight I’m full with one serving. I had fish and chips though and I actually enjoyed it the fish was good. Their hash browns are nasty; they taste like they come from like a green potatoes. They are a slight color of green, so they are not as good as Idahoans potatoes. Random fact of the day they don’t refrigerate eggs here.  I love vimto, it’s a fizzy drink.
This is our daily schedule...
6:30 wake up
7-7:30 Breakfast
7:30-8:30 personal study
8:30-9:30 lesson in German
9:30-10:30 lesson same thing
10:30-11:30 comp study
11:30-12:00 additional study
12-12:30 lunches
12:30-1:30 additional study
1:30-2:30 tall so languages study on the computer like Rosetta stone
2:30-3:30 language study
3:30-5 prepare for exercise and get ready for dinner
5-6 dinner
6-7 coaching missionary study so teacher helping anything you need
7-9 comp study/ teach "investigators" teachers acting like investigators
9-9:30 planning then
9:30-9:45 is happy hour! Just joking it is snack time
I love you all so such!
Elder Bowers


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keep the faith and be a light to others! 1/21/2015

Hey hope all is well!!! In Manchester I did not have a hard time getting through immigration.  I stood in line and when I got to the desk they scanned my passport and asked if I was here for training and I said you for 6 weeks and let me through didn’t even want to look at any paperwork besides passport... all my luggage came I wish now I took my small suitcase but is ok everyone else brought 3 bags so I would not have been the one with too much luggage.

 I am in the Heleman district; the whole mtc is 1 zone.  My district is from America. There are 2 from San Antonio, Texas, Sister Cramer and Elder Bates; 1 from Tennessee; 1 from St. Louis; 3 from Utah; 1 Wyoming; 1 Vegas; and only me from Idaho!

Roommates, there are four of us. I have the whole set of bunk beds and set of closest to myself.  They are designed for 6 missionaries. I have a great view from my room.  I took the bed closest to the window.

We all are going to Alpine. So, there is Elder Maw from Utah; who reminds me of Bryan.  He is a little older, but I love him.  He is comps with Elder Bates, who went to byu Provo.  He’s from Texas we get along but he is a basketball player.  My comp is Elder Donald. He is from Memphis. There are 14 sisters and 29 elders.

The MTC it is just one building.  There are classrooms; cafeteria on the bottom floor, main floor has multipurpose room for meeting like sacrament meeting, president’s offices, and offices. The top floors are bedrooms.  There is a door that separates the sister hallway and elders hallways. The other buildings consist of a distribution center, family history center, and the other one is housing for temple missionaries.  I sit in the classroom; my back is to the window which is good so I don’t get distracted.   Food is good had shepherd’s pie and didn’t compare to Emma’s Shepard’s pie.  I have learned I kind of like sports like basketball and volleyball.  I feel like I’m okay when we have gym time every day. 

On Sunday for sacrament meeting talks everyone prepares a 5 min talk about an assigned topic and then 5 randomly get called up right before they pass the sacrament to talk. I was one of them! 3 out of the 5 were from my district; Elder Maw, Sister Cramer, and then me.  So, of course I was at the end.  

We went to the temple today, it was great. I didn’t want to leave; I loved it so much.  I was asked by the older couple to do a name, so I did and the whole time I could feel that the name was doing. I know he was so thankful for his work to be done.  I could feel that he had been waiting and how joyous he was. The spirit testified to me that it was good and accepted. The temple was beautiful. I love the temple so much I wish I could go a lot more!  I think I will be able to go every pday; which is great because it is me time, but with the lord.


We are jumping right to German; I’m trying to stay afloat but it is hard.  The second day we had to teach a Lesson in German; I don’t understand anything!   

I feel special because all other German speaking missions go to Provo.  Love you all!  

Elder Bowers

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hey so ive made it and im safe. Sorry I did not call when I got to Newark I got busy.  There were a lot on that flight to Manchester, there was probably 15 or so. The one sister going to England Birmingham flew to London so there are more to come.  Interesting fact the only German mission they sever is usually Alpine meaning usually Berlin and Frankfurt go to Provo unless they are from Europe like France going to Berlin they would more than likely send them here. It's amazing how green it is here!!!!!!! Love you! Oh, by the way my pdays are on Wednesdays just so you are aware!!
My address for the MTC is
Elder Seth Bowers
Alpine German- Speaking Mission
England Missionary Training Center
Temple way
England PR6 7EQ
I love you!
Elder Bowers

Starting of a Journey!

Seth having been born of goodly parents. 

I will go and do the things which the Lords has commanded.  For I know that the Lord giventh no commandment unto the children of God least He provided a way that they may accomplish it.