Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Keep the faith and be a light to others! 1/21/2015

Hey hope all is well!!! In Manchester I did not have a hard time getting through immigration.  I stood in line and when I got to the desk they scanned my passport and asked if I was here for training and I said you for 6 weeks and let me through didn’t even want to look at any paperwork besides passport... all my luggage came I wish now I took my small suitcase but is ok everyone else brought 3 bags so I would not have been the one with too much luggage.

 I am in the Heleman district; the whole mtc is 1 zone.  My district is from America. There are 2 from San Antonio, Texas, Sister Cramer and Elder Bates; 1 from Tennessee; 1 from St. Louis; 3 from Utah; 1 Wyoming; 1 Vegas; and only me from Idaho!

Roommates, there are four of us. I have the whole set of bunk beds and set of closest to myself.  They are designed for 6 missionaries. I have a great view from my room.  I took the bed closest to the window.

We all are going to Alpine. So, there is Elder Maw from Utah; who reminds me of Bryan.  He is a little older, but I love him.  He is comps with Elder Bates, who went to byu Provo.  He’s from Texas we get along but he is a basketball player.  My comp is Elder Donald. He is from Memphis. There are 14 sisters and 29 elders.

The MTC it is just one building.  There are classrooms; cafeteria on the bottom floor, main floor has multipurpose room for meeting like sacrament meeting, president’s offices, and offices. The top floors are bedrooms.  There is a door that separates the sister hallway and elders hallways. The other buildings consist of a distribution center, family history center, and the other one is housing for temple missionaries.  I sit in the classroom; my back is to the window which is good so I don’t get distracted.   Food is good had shepherd’s pie and didn’t compare to Emma’s Shepard’s pie.  I have learned I kind of like sports like basketball and volleyball.  I feel like I’m okay when we have gym time every day. 

On Sunday for sacrament meeting talks everyone prepares a 5 min talk about an assigned topic and then 5 randomly get called up right before they pass the sacrament to talk. I was one of them! 3 out of the 5 were from my district; Elder Maw, Sister Cramer, and then me.  So, of course I was at the end.  

We went to the temple today, it was great. I didn’t want to leave; I loved it so much.  I was asked by the older couple to do a name, so I did and the whole time I could feel that the name was doing. I know he was so thankful for his work to be done.  I could feel that he had been waiting and how joyous he was. The spirit testified to me that it was good and accepted. The temple was beautiful. I love the temple so much I wish I could go a lot more!  I think I will be able to go every pday; which is great because it is me time, but with the lord.


We are jumping right to German; I’m trying to stay afloat but it is hard.  The second day we had to teach a Lesson in German; I don’t understand anything!   

I feel special because all other German speaking missions go to Provo.  Love you all!  

Elder Bowers

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