Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Lord has blessed you with talent to open your mouth!

So first off this is the last Pday in the MTC before I will leave for Germany! Crazy, how time has flown by. Not anything amazing happened. It was pretty much the same because the days are scheduled out for you and they are the same every day. Sunday was a fantastic day! I love Sundays. So the topic for this week was on obedience. So in the all-German Sacrament meeting guess who spoke? Yes, I spoke about obedience again but this time in German, BUT it was not the same talk.
Pday has been good, but there are so many missionaries.   I can’t wait to leave. There are 50 elders and there are 12 showers, so mornings are hard.  Email time is hard because the other zone doesn’t follow their schedule. 
Sat by President Preston in the temple; great to feel of his spirit.  He shared his testimony about how he loves the temple before we left for the temple.  I Love the temple too! :) I am going to miss the temple so much... I’m so grateful for the temple in my life.
Tonight another member of the 70’s is coming.  So far we have had two70’s, so this is the third.   Today was the last time I was able to go to the temple. Next Tuesday night, we are having a testimony meeting, usually they go to the temple but because there are so many of us leaving it will be testimony meeting for 2 hours.
Our district had a little bit of a "coming unto Jesus" the other day. We all went around the room saying why we were on a mission. I felt the spirit so strong because most of them took it serious and allowed the spirit to be present.

I got your V-Day package on Friday it made me smile so much! I also loved the card which came on a great day because it was a good pick me up after a lesson that did not go as well as we had hoped.  
I am ready to be out and doing something. I am a little sick of the four walls... Can't wait to figure if I will be staying in Germany, or if I will be going to Austria.
That is sad to hear about Maxine but I know she is now in a better place and with her loved ones that went before. I am so grateful to know the plan of Salvation.   Hug everyone in Utah and give my condolences.
During my study this morning, I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants section 60. It talked about how elders are to preach the gospel. In verse 2 it states how the Lord has blessed you with talent to open your mouth. I know that the Lord can help us become strong in what we do, if it is what he would have us do. All we need to do is put our trust and faith in the Lord.  I will all be alright no matter if there looks to be sunshine or rain because the sun will always come out and will make the darkest storm of life seem so distant.
Love you! Tell Lonna hello for me and that I think of her as I think where I will be serving because if it is Austria I will think of her for sure.
Elder Seth Bowers

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