Monday, March 30, 2015

see the new Easter video on! It can bring the spirit of Easter in all our lives by watching a simple video.

So this last week what has happened... Umm let me think...

So last P-Day we went and walked around in the forest a bit to the Celtic graves. I am not sure but hey it was a nice walk. So yesterday, we had daylight saving times well I am not sure what it is called but we now are an hour ahead.

General conference is coming! I am so excited! We get the watch the morning sessions live but here it will be in the evening. We also get to watch the second session from Saturday and the priesthood session on Sunday. It will be amazing!

So we went to Rottweil this week and while there we met a crazy guy. He was talking in dialect so I had no idea what he was saying. After 3 minutes, he started raising his voice and slamming his walking stick on the ground.
My companion started to hastily walk away and so I followed as fast as I could because I was closer to the guy and had to walk by him to get away from him. It was so weird!

So hopefully by now you have been able to see the new Easter video and if not you need to! It can bring the spirit of Easter in all our lives by watching a simple video.

While during my scripture study I was reading in Doctrine and Covenants section 112:19, “Wherefore, whithersoever they shall send you, go ye, and I will be with you; and in whatsoever place ye shall proclaim my name an effectual door shall be opened unto you, that they may receive my word. There I found such comfort in this scripture.

So times we never know what is behind the door if we do not try other doors first. There will always be a way an open door so to say in this life we just need to be humble enough to recognize

Have a Great Easter!  Love you all so much!
Elder Bowers

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So, This week has gone by fast for me!

So this week has gone by fast for me. Tuesday we drove to district meeting in Schaffhausen because we did not get tickets for the train from the office. They buy them and send us the confirmation number but they were not ordered.
 So, at the end of district meeting I stayed with my district leader for exchanges.  It was so interesting to see how other missionaries work, study, etc.
We ended up driving back on Wednesday night to finish the exchange because on Thursday the Lees came by for apartment cleaning inspections. Usually-now because this is what the new district leader would like- exchanges are 2 days so we "should" have been done with it Thursday afternoon. But all is good.
This week we visit old investigators and so we went out and tried to visit them. We drove out into other cities and little towns trying to find someone that was home. It did not help of it was cold and overcast and rained a little. It was the story of no one answered.
 It was the very last house we visited answered and let us in. The Familie Krimm have 2 children a son who is in his 20 going to school in a different city and a daughter who is about 20 who is going to school and speaks really good English she is going to America in a month. We only spoke with the father but he was super polite. The daughter cam when we were leaving.
There always can be a happy ending to a day where it seems like there is no sun. Where it makes you really think if the sunshine is worth it. But yes it can be!
Elder Bowers



Monday, March 16, 2015

Sometimes it can be partly cloudy, but that just helps us enjoy the days when it is sunny out.

So this week has been great!

Tuesday we had zone training in Singing and it was awesome even if it was in German. I had to lead everyone in saying our purpose, mission scripture, and doctrine and covenants 4., then give a little thought about what I have learned recently in my scripture study.

Saw Elder and Sister Lee again crazy how many times I have seen them so far. One of our zone leaders has a sister on a mission who I was in the MTC with. Crazy how small the Church can make the world.

Elder Meilsoe (the zone leader), is such a great example. The Zone leaders came and worked with us for a few hours this week. We went street contacting in Villigen and got a few potentials out of it. We also got an investigator name Bibi. I never met her but I guess she is very open in hearing our message. We have an appointment set up with her on Wednesday. I still will not be able to meet her this week because on Tuesday after district meeting I’m going on exchanges and will stay and work in Schaffhausen until Thursday morning.

The members here are so great there is a Philippian family here who we went to church yesterday and they are so love to us. They are wonderful members of the church. They have been in Germany for a little while. They moved from England here.

The Ustagas are so Christ like!  My companion was sick on Saturday, so I cleaned the apartment a little. I swept, mopped- I'm starting to turn into dad, I mopped on my hands and knees- cleaned windows, and organized the kitchen, and de cluttered it a little.  Yesterday was Sunday; I can say I went to church when I was a little sick. It was not fun at all, BUT a less active member, Brother Prince Bald came to Church yesterday!!!! IT was awesome the branch received him so well.

Jagadees a new convert, who we have been working with also came. It was so great to see both of them there. It was crazy that my companion and I did not sit right next to each other because we had 2 different people we were working with come. The other set also had someone they are working with come to church so it was great! While at zone training I had an “aha” moment of” I can do this!” I also read Alma 57:27 which helped strengthen my testimony some. Sometimes it can be partly cloudy, but that just helps us enjoy the days when it is sunny out.
Love you so much,
Elder Bowers 


Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So where to begin!  Crazy! That’s one word that describes this week.

I met Elder and Sister Lee! Crazy how many times I saw them this week! I saw them 3 times and I believe I will see them in Tuesday at zone training as well. They came by bringing a shelf for my closest, then on Saturday at stake conference, and on Sunday for stake conference. 

I went to Switzerland 3 times. We have district meeting in Schaffhausen by train.  Tuesday we went there. There are 4 set of elder companionship in our district. I was able to go and apply for my visa this week. What they do is you apply for that visa for that country when you get there.  I have all the paperwork that we had to get apostle for Austria even though I am in Germany. So, all of that is done for now and should come in 3 weeks or so.

 I went to Zurich for the Saturday session of stake conference-due to the fact of I am serving in the Zurich Stake- with the branch president who drove us. On Sunday we went back to Zurich but this time we took a bus with the branch. It was awesome to see all the missionaries serving in the stake on Sunday. Sadly, I knew almost none of them. I only knew a few because of district meeting, train ride during transfers, and the Saturday before.  Somewhere not able to come on Saturday.

President and Sister Kohler were there for the Sunday session. They went to the Stuttgart Stake conference Saturday night. They spoke Sunday and it was great to hear what their thoughts and feelings. I loved Sister Kohler's talk because she gave it in German and I understood most of it. I found it was very applicable to me because she talked about how that she had worries of when she went on a mission and coming on this mission. Such as trying to learn German, it was great to see others examples.

So random things that I find a little bit humorous, my apt is above a tanning salon. We are the only car area and we also have a parking garage.  The mission home in Munich has been there for 50 years.  I’m in Schwenningen the area covers villigen, we go to tutlingen, to the Switz border. I have not driven but I will be getting a German license, so my American one might be sent back.

                                                          Love you!

Elder Bowers


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

In a land where so many fairy tales were created is where my story begins ...

So first off I am alive!

So I am serving in Schwenningen, Germany.  My new address is...

Elder Seth Adam Bowers
Kirche Jesu Christi HLT
SpittelstraBe 1+5
78056 Deutschland

So to start with leaving England I had 3 hours of sleep the night before because we had almost a 3 hour long testimony meeting. We had to be up early to get ready to leave. At the airport it was weird, they had big elevators that fit 40 people in and you ride it to the 5 floor to check in. The airport was like a mall, you had to walk through it to get to the gates.

Check-in went fine did not have a problem with luggage because they shipped one bag a few days before so I only had to check one. We flew with Lufthansa. I ended up getting a middle seat assigned to me which was ok because Elder Carter had the window seat next to me. It was nice to sit by someone I knew.


It was sad to see one sister stay as we left because she was going to the Frankfurt mission and flew a little later on.  When we got to Germany we deplaned, but not on a jet bridge, rather onto busses. They unloaded out the front then the back of the plane.

Once we got to passport control I was worried, but they did not ask me questions. This was a blessing; seeing how I do not know that much German. When everyone got there bags we walked out; President and Sister Kohler where there with the AP, Munich zone leaders, and their son.

We took a group photo and put our bags in a van and left to the train station. We then traveled by train to the mission office.

During this time we were given a book of Mormon and challenged to give it away. So the first two attempts, I got shot down.  They would not even say hello or anything.... I then started to talk with an older lady-and keeping in mind this is in German- so we started talking and then I had to get off the train, so I was not able to give the book of Mormon away.

 I learned so much and gained a better confidence in myself. We then got to the mission office where we learned more about mission life like how much money we get etc. That night we ate in the mission home... which has been in the same place for 50 is what president told me. So it might have been the same house my father visited during his mission.

We then learned of our area we were going to serve in, my area is Schwenningen 2. This is a car area in the middle of the black Forest.
Thanks for the picture Sister Denise Ziegner!

We learned our trainer’s name. My trainers name is Elder Hancey. We had a testimony meeting and the left for the hostile for the night. We took the train there and slept.

The next morning, we went to the church then we went to the train station to get on our trains to leave for our areas. This was a lot like transfer days, for transfer days there are 5 main train stops in our mission. .

It was sad to see some on my MTC friends and companions leave. 3 went to Austria and 1 Germany but close to Austria; they all rode together.


There were two that stayed in the Munich zone so their trainer’s came and picked them up. Elder Bates, Elder Maw, Sister Priest and I traveled to Stuttgart; where we later would be dispersed. There were other missionaries as well but when we got to Stuttgart I met my trainer there. We took a train for 2 hours to a station; we transferred to another train and traveled 40 min. So, in all it took like 5-6 hours to get to my area.

 I am in a car area so we cover little cities out here. There is snow here! My apartment; there are 4 of us. My trainer and another elder go home this next transfer. I will be getting a new comp in 5 weeks. The other elder goes home in December!

There are some amazing members here. We went to this family’s house and they fed us. They spoke English which was a plus, but they are so kind to missionaries. I loved being in their home, as you could feel the love the gospel has added to their lives since moving here from England.  They are Philippian.
Another family we went to spoke German, but they were super awesome the invited us over for Sunday lunch. You could feel once again the love they had for the missionaries. He is the Branch President.

So church yesterday was interesting, I bore my testimony in very broken and simple German. A guy afterwards told me to follow him, and I said “I needed my comp” and he said “it will take 2 minutes.” He then gave me a sandwich and an orange. I not sure but I hope I didn’t say something like “I am starving in my testimony.”  He was so sweet, I am so grateful for his compassion. 

 So on Saturday I am going to Z├╝rich because it is stake conference, we are going for the priesthood session with the branch president.  He is driving us. Sunday we will watch it here, I believe.
But In April Elder Bednar is coming and he wants to do a whole missionary meeting with the whole mission. Right now the mission has 265 missionaries.

Love you all!

Elder Bowers