Wednesday, March 25, 2015

So, This week has gone by fast for me!

So this week has gone by fast for me. Tuesday we drove to district meeting in Schaffhausen because we did not get tickets for the train from the office. They buy them and send us the confirmation number but they were not ordered.
 So, at the end of district meeting I stayed with my district leader for exchanges.  It was so interesting to see how other missionaries work, study, etc.
We ended up driving back on Wednesday night to finish the exchange because on Thursday the Lees came by for apartment cleaning inspections. Usually-now because this is what the new district leader would like- exchanges are 2 days so we "should" have been done with it Thursday afternoon. But all is good.
This week we visit old investigators and so we went out and tried to visit them. We drove out into other cities and little towns trying to find someone that was home. It did not help of it was cold and overcast and rained a little. It was the story of no one answered.
 It was the very last house we visited answered and let us in. The Familie Krimm have 2 children a son who is in his 20 going to school in a different city and a daughter who is about 20 who is going to school and speaks really good English she is going to America in a month. We only spoke with the father but he was super polite. The daughter cam when we were leaving.
There always can be a happy ending to a day where it seems like there is no sun. Where it makes you really think if the sunshine is worth it. But yes it can be!
Elder Bowers



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