Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So where to begin!  Crazy! That’s one word that describes this week.

I met Elder and Sister Lee! Crazy how many times I saw them this week! I saw them 3 times and I believe I will see them in Tuesday at zone training as well. They came by bringing a shelf for my closest, then on Saturday at stake conference, and on Sunday for stake conference. 

I went to Switzerland 3 times. We have district meeting in Schaffhausen by train.  Tuesday we went there. There are 4 set of elder companionship in our district. I was able to go and apply for my visa this week. What they do is you apply for that visa for that country when you get there.  I have all the paperwork that we had to get apostle for Austria even though I am in Germany. So, all of that is done for now and should come in 3 weeks or so.

 I went to Zurich for the Saturday session of stake conference-due to the fact of I am serving in the Zurich Stake- with the branch president who drove us. On Sunday we went back to Zurich but this time we took a bus with the branch. It was awesome to see all the missionaries serving in the stake on Sunday. Sadly, I knew almost none of them. I only knew a few because of district meeting, train ride during transfers, and the Saturday before.  Somewhere not able to come on Saturday.

President and Sister Kohler were there for the Sunday session. They went to the Stuttgart Stake conference Saturday night. They spoke Sunday and it was great to hear what their thoughts and feelings. I loved Sister Kohler's talk because she gave it in German and I understood most of it. I found it was very applicable to me because she talked about how that she had worries of when she went on a mission and coming on this mission. Such as trying to learn German, it was great to see others examples.

So random things that I find a little bit humorous, my apt is above a tanning salon. We are the only car area and we also have a parking garage.  The mission home in Munich has been there for 50 years.  I’m in Schwenningen the area covers villigen, we go to tutlingen, to the Switz border. I have not driven but I will be getting a German license, so my American one might be sent back.

                                                          Love you!

Elder Bowers


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