Monday, April 27, 2015

Smile more, laugh harder, and enjoy the moment

So, this week has come and gone.
Last week we went to Rottweil and walked around the city some more. It was great weather someone had just recently cut their grass and I could smell it. I loved it! Weird to say I know but it was such a "breath of fresh air" to smell recently cut grass.  Tuesday I finally got a letter after it took almost a month to get here! Got to love the mail systems.
So this week we did... MISSIONARY WORK. Crazy but this week before we went to Munich we were able to meet with some less active members and with Frau Huhl. We also have an appointment with her this week. So on Friday we took our journey to Munich. We left just after 11 and had an hour and a half stop in Donaueschingen (our area still). We wished we could take an earlier train but there was not one.
So we decided to walk around the city and get something to eat. While we were walking around we met Sister Birk who is a recent convert and we were able to chat with her for a few minutes before she had to leave. Sometimes we are given the opportunity to help strengthen others even if we did not plan it in our plans because sometimes our plans are not His plans.

We then left and took a beautiful train ride to Ulm. It was so great we went through the mountains and small towns. When we got to Ulm we had a little less than an hour until the train left for Munich so we decided to go see this church. Rumor has it of it is the tallest in Europe but I do not know if that is true that is what I heard from another missionary.
So on the train to Munich there was so many missionaries. There was not only the zone but also the Stuttgart zone. One in Munich we met at one of the churches to have a meeting with President and Sister Kohler. It was great to have most of the mission there at this meeting. It was great to see those from the MTC that I had not been able to visit with in a while.
Those that were in the Munich zone that could travel Saturday morning to make the meeting did that the others all came the day before. So we stayed in the hostel again. So Saturday morning rolled around and everyone met at the church. It was fantastic to feel of the missionary spirit of ALL of the missionaries of the mission were there.
It was a fantastic meeting with Elder Bednar, his wife, and others. It was not a meeting about IPad. It was a meeting about how we can fulfill our purposes as missionaries. We will be implementing technology in our mission so yes iPad but they are just a tool to help us hasten the work. It was great to be able to feel the spirit and receive personal revelation in that meeting. After both meetings-since we had lunch between them- we departed to go back to our areas. Once we got to Bahnhof it was sad to say goodbye to others who were headed the opposite way as me but we all were filled with the excitement to go and do missionary work. So we stayed the night in Tübingen. We got in after 11 and I can say there is a reason missionaries are not out normally that late. There was a big soccer game going on so the train was full of fans for both teams cheering and enjoying their company. Once we got to Bahnhof it was like the mice when the lights turn on of how everyone was getting out of the train it was just person after person. The Bahnhof was full of people some loud, drunk, and loving life.
After we made it the Elders' there apartment we slept for a few hours. :) We got up early Sunday morning and started our journey back to Schwenningen.                                                                                                                                                                     
We took a train that went through Rottenburg, unfortunately I only saw the outskirts by the station and it is not in our zone, but it was a beautiful ride with the sunrise and a little bit of fog. We got to Schwenningen and when back the apartment and slept for an hour before church. At church we were able to watch the last general conference and I saw 2 lovely familiar faces in the background when the showed the conference centers' audience. Indeed I saw Utona and My mother. It was so funny to randomly realize you knew some people on the screen. A man came to church named Alonzo who is from Brazil but lived in the US and now is in Germany because his frau is German. He says he is a member but is not active he has been here for 11 months but no one knew who he was but that is a great missionary moment. He said he will come next week to church! 
Something that Elder Bednar said that stuck out to me was the in the scripture 3 Nephi 12:48, “48 Therefore I would that ye should be perfect even as I, or your Father who is in heaven is perfect.”   Perfect means become complete. Now read it replacing perfect with becomes complete. We can do this by simply doing simple things just a little bit better than before.  Smile more, laugh harder, and enjoy the moment

With love,


-- Elder Bowers

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