Thursday, May 14, 2015

No matter what there is, you always can be sunshine if you let it in you. Go find the sunshine!

So this week has come and left. I drove to Schauffhausen on Tuesday for district meeting and then we had to take the Bad Säckingen elders back again because this week the trains were on strike which was frustrating!

We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with the Watt and Seeborg Families-Watts are American- and so we had Mexican food made by Americans in Germany. This week we had 2 exchanges. The first was with the Zone leaders and I stayed here in Schwenningen and worked with Elder Jensen so I drove.

We were able to meet with Anna the one from Brazil and had a positive time with her and have an appointment with here later this week. I pray that she may feel God's love for her and that her heart may be pricked and desire to learn more about our Savior Jesus Christ.

We were able to find a Frau named Lori and the first question we asked was what is the purpose of this life and she said that it is to learn and to grow! Crazy that a 28 year old on the street to complete strangers!

During that exchange we also put new desk chairs together they now have wheels on them and are better then the kitchen chairs we have been using for study chairs. So at the end of the exchange I drove to Singen and back since the trains were still on strike so I can now say I have driven on the Autobahn.

Then the next day we had exchanges with the bad Säckingen elders and I was going to go to their area and work with Elder Brady. We were going to meet in Singen but we arrived first and had an hour so we decided to take the Zone leaders month pass for the bus and trains in that area back since Elder Holm still had it with him. So we did and we did not make it back to Bahnhof in time before the train left. And since the strike was still going on we could wait and get the next train in 6 hours or go back to Schwenningen and do a super tausch. Which we did so all four of us came back to Schwenningen and work here a little bit.

Yesterday in Sacrament meeting Elder Holm and I sang with the Watts and Ann Sophie President Ziegner's daughter. Got to love singing in front of people in German acapella.

This week I have been able to see many miracles. In my own life and others. I am so grateful for these times where I feel God's love for us his children. No matter what there is, you always can be sunshine if you let it in you.  I find you just have to find it first in you, so go find the sunshine!
With love and signing off,
Elder Bowers

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