Tuesday, June 9, 2015

I love going to church and being edified and strengthen from the members.


Last Monday we went to Haus des Meeres. It was cool to see it. Crazy how a zoo or a building with all sorts of animals like sharks and snakes and such can be in the middle of the city. It is in one of the old towers Hitler used to use during the war and at the top there was a great view of Vienna!

This week was the first full week here and I learned that we teach German 2 days a week...  if that is not fun to try to teach German to people that do not speak German and some do not speak English... Trying to give new vocabulary is hard since that is my part is give new vocabulary. We teach it at the center which is where the institute classes are and young adult activities it is in the center of Wien.

 Elder Faux was asked to play a song at an older man's 90 birthday party and the day came and both of our companions were sick so we went on exchange and I went with him to this man party. He is such a strong member in the church now. He used to be a Nazi and was in the SS and was at one time captured by the US but then he found the gospel. He wanted this party to be a time where people could find the church so we did it at the church and he asked the missionaries to be there so if people had questions there also was a table of book of Mormons people could take. Sister Carmen Meisner played her violin there-the daughter of the Becker Family from Schwenningen.

At church yesterday there was sister that lives in Alaska now but her mom was Austrian that was visiting her daughter who is going to school here. She shared her testimony and what the church meant to her.  She was a great example of how we can be a missionary anytime.

This week we will be meeting with a sister from one of the ward members that is open to hearing the gospel.  Another tender mercy this week was as we were sitting in combined Priesthood and relief society the ward mission leader came up to us and told us that there is an investigator class happening that he invited us to because there was member of the German ward the home teaches a lady that speaks Spanish and a little German but she brought her friend well she takes care of his youngest daughter and they stayed for the whole time of Sunday school and sacrament and for linger longer after. Some members do great missionary work as they try to make them feel welcome and loved. I love the members. I love going to church and being edified and strengthen from the members.


Elder Bowers

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