Thursday, July 23, 2015

I just smiled through the rain. Sometimes it can be so much fun to just walk in a rain storm.

We went to Primarkt and I bought a new suit. 😀 and of course some ties...when they are only an euro or two you get ties.
Tuesday had another exchange. Elder Call and I worked here and while we were walking there was a horrible rain storm. We walk only a few blocks to the institute center and I was drenched. Enough that sister Parker the senior missionary said how sopping I was and gave me a towel. It was so funny. I just smiled through the rain. Sometimes it can be so much fun to just walk in a rain storm.
We were able to meet with Petra. She is progressing so fast! It was one of the best lessons we have had with her. I could feel when we bore testimony the spirit was there and that she was touched by what she felt during that time together.
adventures this week....bought cottage cheese... I know random... BUT it taste like Gossners cheese curds. It was strange I was not excepting the little white cheese to taste like yellow cheese.
Reynoldo is getting baptized this week! We are celebrating July 24 here a little bit different 😃. I'm so excited for him. He is incredible and is so amazing how much faith he has.
This week we got a new bishop and so now Bishop Picard will be able to help lead this Ward. He is an amazing man. He is the one that had been away due to the problems in Ukraine but now is back in Vienna. I love members our Ward mission leader has been in America and asked if he could bring us back anything and so he brought back.....FRUIT SNACKS! I miss them. Crazy I never thought I would side they are only fruit snacks but they do not have them here.

So one of the most crazy experiences happened this week. So we got a phone call from a guy as we were on the ubahn- the subway- and he said to us to call this number he gave us and make an appointment for the next day. Did not even say who he was or anything. So we gave the number a try and Jemma answered. Jemma is from the Philippians  originally and has been searching for a church. She has an outstanding faith and is really wanting to find the truth. When we met with her she shared how jimmy-the one who called us-would always teach and talk about our church when she would talk with him at his work. She even came to church on Sunday and I was able to sit with her and explain what was going on. The members of the Ward treated her so great and made her feel at home I think. I'm not sure they were speaking Tagalog and I do not understand that language. But she said she will come next week and we have another appointment with her this week.
Lot of love, 
Elder Bowers

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