Monday, July 13, 2015

I'm grateful for members that listen to the spirit.

So got my visa last week! That is exciting now I have 2 visas still current. 😬.  
On Wednesday we had exchanges and so Elder Albrecht, one of the zone leaders here in Wien, and I stayed in the Wien 4 area😉( not that I will ever leave the area since it is the whole zone) but we went with our assistant Ward mission leader and visited less actives and members we did not know where they have went.  It was raining but we continued. We also had an appointment with the High Priest group leader and his family. Their one son reminds me of Bryan's baby/toddler pictures. He has the blond hair and a few weeks ago he helped the Ward chorister lead the music during sacrament meeting. 
I loved my aus Tausch or exchange with elder Albrecht he is a great missionary! We had an eating appointment with Sister Jevero the one who just got home off her mission. She is such a loving little lady. Her sister and the Humidas were there too. We had.... TACOS! I love members they fill you with energy to keep going. We also were able to meet with Martin and share a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. He has is incredibly knowledgeable.
We also watched a little bit of the funeral services of President Packer live. We met with Nishib. Strange experience when we first showed up the j dubs well the Jehovah's witnesses were there and so it was awkward until they finished their lesson and left. We gave ours and then he said he would come to church tomorrow. We also when we met with Reynoldo, Gizelle was there as well and so we were able to teach them both. She even said she would pray next time. Members are so great!
We went to church with Reynoldo. We met in floridsdorf and went to church. It was good he and I walked together. It was important for me to make sure that because he is not as fast as before that I would walk with him. While at church it was tourist day again. They had to put chairs in the back out so people could sit.
Before sacrament a man from Belfast Ireland came up and we chatted he said looking straight into my eyes not blocking or loosing eye contact, "thank you for serving. Thank you for choosing to serve. The Lord will bless you after your mission just as he has now all because of your one choice to serve." It was what I needed to hear. I'm grateful for members that listen to the spirit. 
With all my love,
Elder Bowers

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