Tuesday, August 25, 2015

So this week go bask in the sunshine and let the Son help you!

So this last week we had zone training, it was good to be with all the missionaries in the Vienna stake.
This week we went to mutual. It was A little strange at times. Only young women showed up. But they made dinner and we all ate together...MEXiCAN Food with cheddar cheese. We then taught them about how in life we have been given help to find the recipe like scriptures, personal progress, strength of youth, etc.
we also were able help the Jevero family move some furniture! It was so great I love helping people!
 On Saturday we had an eating appointment with sister Jevero-the mother- and so we had brother Mule in the Ward form Fiji come with us. After we left we were waiting for the bus to go to our next appointment together since he was coming with us but as we waited a tour bus pulled up from the Czech and the driver got out wanting to know how to get to Schönbrunn so brother Mule gave him directions we'll tried since he didn't speak German or English and we didn't speak his language. So brother Mule got on the bus and told us to come with him. So we got on the empty tour bus and let the driver drive us closer to where we needed to go before we got off and then he continued to where he was going. It was so random but funny at the same time!
This week we were able to continue to help Anita and Sam come closer to Jesus Christ. We also were able to meet with a new Loe who plays American style football here and is only 17! We also met Tessy this week! She has so much faith and wants to do the right thing for the right reasons so for her and Heavenly Father not for anyone else. She is incredible! We also were able to meet Andreas. He has amazing faith as well! He believes the church is true and just loves it!
This week has been busy but there have been so many times where there was time to think of how many miracles we could see everyday! When we are thankful for the little things, hard things, and everything in between. we may sometimes see the Hand of the Lord more in our lives.
 I know this Gospel changes lives when we allow it to. We all can be made whole through the atonement of Jesus Christ. I know this to be true! So this week go bask in the sunshine and let the Son help you. 
With all my love from Vienna, Austria,
Elder Bowers 

Monday, August 10, 2015

When we go in a positive attitude we can see more of the bigger picture!

So for pday we went to Prater Stern last week. There they have an amusement park rides and such. But here you pay individually for the ride not just a mass ticket and let's you on any but we went on the swings that take you high into the air and you can see all of Vienna from up there. It was super cool.
We had dinner with the Jevero family this last week, the mom is from England and so some of the things she said reminded me of the British that live in America...hint hint Emma Johnson... But not to name names 😆.
So transfers have came and gone this last week.  we picked the new comers into Wien and  my new companion Elder Monson.   
This week we met with Anita and Sam a couple who had previously met with the Sisters but now want to met with us due to the fact of they want to come into the English Ward and they did not know any of the new Sisters  On Saturday We met with Niship who is a member of the church but we are helping him know more about the church and such. Then after quickly went to the church to fill up the baptismal font for an 8 year old baptism then go home start studies, leave and go to the baptismal interview for Luis and come home to finish most studies before our day was done. It was crazy traveling all over Wien!
Luis was baptized and confirmed this week! The Ward was so supportive of him and the have really taken him in as part of the Ward. It is fantastic when wards do that! One special experience this week was we had was a family in the Ward one of the sons needed a blessing but the father was gone and they recently moved here and did not know many phone numbers so at 8 in the morning we received a text asking us if we could go and administer to him. So we traveled as fast as public transit can and go to the need and help those who were in need.
It is interesting of when we are called to serve we can either accept it with an open heart and willingly go or with a negative attitude. When we go in a positive attitude we can see more of the bigger picture or well maybe not see more but we can see what we can do to help others!
 One scripture this week that really stuck out to me was found in Mormon 5 verse 21, it reads, "And also the Lord will remember the prayers of the righteous, which have been put up unto him...".
I know Heavenly Father hears our prayer and he knows what we needed well as when we need it. We just need the faith to keep going and to continue to do what is right! 
With all my Love from Wien,
Elder Bowers