Wednesday, September 30, 2015

We just need to keep looking forward to the future and not focus on the negatives of the past but the bright things that are awaiting us.

So we set a goal as a district to only speak deutsch. So I try to say everything in German and if you could not then in English. So let us say it was interesting.

For pday we went to lunch with a member of our Ward and all the missionaries in Wien. He took us to the tennis club he is apart of. He is the longest member and it is the oldest tennis club in Austria. It was delicious food as always. I had  the venison, which was well prepared. Later we went to the family Garcia and taught Leo. It was a wonderful time and great food I am so grateful we could share with them.

On Tuesday while teaching a German class all these that came were on very different levels so we each took a person to help. And since some wanted to learn English too. So I tried to teach a man from Afghanistan who does not speak English or German. It was an interesting time for sure. Hope he know how to count to 30 know.

This week was the change of weather and sicknesses. It started out with me, then Elder Monson shortly after so we were both sick. And now it has hit the Wien 1 elders. Both Elder Spratling and Yost were sick. We also went on exchanges for a few hours with the Wien 3 elders, Elder McLean and Elder Buckly. Elder McLean and I were able to teach Sonny and oh my golly wholly it was a wonderful lesson. We ended up having a member from the Wien 5 Ward come. He stayed after German class asking us what we were doing so we shared how we had a lesson and Alexis offered to stay and be a joint teach.

There was such a wonderful spirit felt there. This week as missionaries here in Vienna we were able to get together with Ward missionaries, investigators and such and play sports.
We played basketball for a little bit but then we played volleyball. It was so to play with other missionaries and to cheer on Sonny and Niship who came with us. Others were a little bit shocked of that I actually could play sports. I was asked by a member how I served like it did. I'm not sure, I just serve. But he complimented of how well I played.

I loved being the one though that helped cheer on others. To encourage them and see the success they had when they got the chance to make their part by hitting the ball. It is the same with missionary work, sometimes we judge others that we think may not be ready for the gospel. We should not search for the people that would look like they "fit" the church but rather all no matter what they may seem. We are all learning and together when we encourage and play our part we can have great outcomes. While at church it was great to visit with members.
I love members so much! Bishop Picard really cares about his fellow brothers and sister of the Ward. He cares so much for us missionaries and what we do. He is a marvelous man.

 It was interesting after sacrament I was able to talk to a sister of the Ward that speaks Spanish and German. But she likes how English sounds so she comes to our Ward. I was able to talk with her and find out more about her. She is so amazing she is from Cali Colombia I believe or at least from South America and her son lives in Colombia and her home city is I put pieces together but we had such a nice little chat about faith and how we really need faith in this world. When we have faith in God and Jesus Christ and by doing so we really can have a happier life. We just need to keep looking forward to the future and not focus on the negatives of the past but the bright things that are awaiting us.
Elder Seth Bowers

Monday, September 14, 2015

Well it's raining today but that won't stop me from having sunshine in my soul

we went and toured the opera house here in Vienna with the district. I loved it! Our whole district enjoyed it. During it I kept thinking and singing phantom of the opera songs in my mind. It was a really good pday! When Wiener Neustadt was on there way to coming to this they met a man that wanted to meet with us and so they help schedule an appointment with him. We decided to meet at schwedenplatz. There is where Stra├čenbahns and ubahns come and meet. Well he did not show up but as we were about to leave we met a lady who was from London who needed help finding a bus to Budapest. It was great to talk to her and help her out. Another interesting experience was while riding on the Stra├čenbahn a lady read my name tag and felt like she had seen it before. Like she saw the elder bowers and thought about it. Unfortunately we were not able to talk to her before she got out.
Well this week was a monumental time in our mission. Schwester Braunizar (Frau Martina) was baptized. She has been investigating the church a long time. President and Sister Kohler were in attendance. They are in town for the European mission presidents conference. So all the mission presidents in Europe came to Vienna this last weekend. During the service I was able to translate for one of our investigators, Sonny, who came. Man my brain was so tired after that! That was hard work!! So transfer calls came this last week and... I'm staying in Wien! Elder Monson and I will be staying together but Elder Wilkins will be leaving our apartment and Elder Spratling will be getting a golden, so a new missionary from the MTC. We were so blessed this last week.
We decided to visit Reynoldo because we have not seen or heard from him in a little bit of time. When we went to his apartment he was home and we shared a short message with him and he asked us if he was allowed to come to church the next day. So we traveled to church with Reynoldo! It was great to see when we arrived the Ward cared about him. They even drove him home afterwards. At church since it was the mission presidents conference, a mission presidents wife came to our Ward. Turns out she is serving in Romania and is Tanner Kohler's, President Kohler's son who is in the MTC, his mission president's wife. It is great to see others reach in only a way you can.
This week we enjoyed meeting with Sonny, Reynoldo, and Jay-C. All are amazing men. Jay-C we found in the area book on a potential page. He has so much faith in Jesus Chriat being the Son of God. Well it's raining today but that won't stop me from having sunshine in my soul. At times in life we just have to go out and be spontaneous like dancing in the rain. Love you all!
With love,
Elder Bowers

Friday, September 11, 2015

We never know what the hand we play in God's plan

This week we were able to share a meal with the Johnson Family. They just changed to the German Ward but when we were there the kids wanted to play feelings bingo. It was great to see parents teaching their children in the home and not expecting them just to know it.
So this week I have thought of how sometimes when put in a situation we can rise to the occasion. Had experiences that this last week.

So the package came this week. When the Cleavengers saw us at church they said I have box for you and it is a heavy one. So we were able to eat with them. And we had American burgers and corn and salad! And apple pie!
 Ah I love this Ward I don't want to leave! Hopefully I stay another one here, we find out on Saturday.

So funny story this week as we went by on a referral there a man stopped us and invited us over so we went over and the wife told us that her man had altimerz. Cute old couple from Poland. We had a lovely chat and they gave us some sour milk to eat/drink. It was the consistency of yourgurt.
 Well this week Petra is coming back! She is returning from Germany so hopefully we can meet with her! 


The gospel is true.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ role in my life. 
Love you,
Elder Bowers