Friday, September 11, 2015

We never know what the hand we play in God's plan

This week we were able to share a meal with the Johnson Family. They just changed to the German Ward but when we were there the kids wanted to play feelings bingo. It was great to see parents teaching their children in the home and not expecting them just to know it.
So this week I have thought of how sometimes when put in a situation we can rise to the occasion. Had experiences that this last week.

So the package came this week. When the Cleavengers saw us at church they said I have box for you and it is a heavy one. So we were able to eat with them. And we had American burgers and corn and salad! And apple pie!
 Ah I love this Ward I don't want to leave! Hopefully I stay another one here, we find out on Saturday.

So funny story this week as we went by on a referral there a man stopped us and invited us over so we went over and the wife told us that her man had altimerz. Cute old couple from Poland. We had a lovely chat and they gave us some sour milk to eat/drink. It was the consistency of yourgurt.
 Well this week Petra is coming back! She is returning from Germany so hopefully we can meet with her! 


The gospel is true.  I am so grateful for Jesus Christ role in my life. 
Love you,
Elder Bowers

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