Monday, October 19, 2015

Jesus Christ is my Example and Friend!

So this week went by super fast and don't feel we did anything super different. Last week was a crazy pday running around getting things done and were not able to do a whole lot but we went on a lovely walk around an ubahn stop waiting for a member. It was cool to see the cobblestones everywhere.

 This week we had zone training. It was a lovely time where I was able to learn and grow in some ways. We went out of the big city of Wien this week. We went to Oben Siebenbrunn. So out in the country to see an old investigator. It was an adventure in the rain and even though no one was there or wanted to talk to us either it was still an adventure. This last weekend was stake conference so it was wonderful to see and hear from President and Sister Kohler.

 On Sunday after stake conference we traveled to Wiener Neustadt to attend the musical fireside that had the theme of On the search for God. It was a lovely presentation and they did great it. It was a story presented via videos but would have songs included much like a musical but with watching a movie presentation instead of acting. The spirit was there so strong and really was a lovely time.
I love the gospel of Jesus Christ, He lives and I know that is true!
Love Elder Bowers

Monday, October 12, 2015

I could feel the power of the spirit. I loved this week it was a good week!

This wee was great. There were times in the week when I felt to spirit so strong bearing witness. As I shared my testimony through out the week I could feel the power of the spirit. I loved this week it was a good week. So this week I was able to work with Elder Chilcutt down in
Wiener Neustadt on exchanges.

We were able to meet with Petra this week since she has gotten back from Germany. She is amazing there are so many people here prepared to hear the gospel. I'm so thankful
Heavenly Father has given his trust in me to help His children. This week we also were able to go to Wiener Neustadt and whiteness a baptism there of a man who has been coming to the church for 9 years
and his family are members but he decided to take the step of faith.
It was beautiful to see his son in law baptize him. We also had a visitor night yesterday and talked about the blueprint of Christ's church. It was a beautiful evening. This week we have zone training
and also we will attended a musical night/fireside in Wiener Neustadt.
It will be an exciting week! Love you all and I know that this gospel
really changes lives.
So I met Colleen Thatcher.  She mentioned she was related to Janet Stucki.  She is here in Vienna
with her husband and came to church they asked where I was from I said
Idaho they said where I said idaho falls area, he said well she is
from Rigby them I said well I'm from Ririe but not many people know
where that is and then we found this out small world.

Love you so much.
Elder Bowers

This building had Rothen name on it, wonder if it has anything to do with the Rhotens from Germany?  I know Rothen is the Germany spelling for moms maiden name.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

So this last week was an adventurous week!

So this last week was an adventurous week. Last Monday we went to
attended home evening at the institute center but when we got there we relieved there were a lot of missionaries.   Elder Yost and I went on
exchanges and went out and worked so there were not as many missionaries there.
On Wednesday we traveled to Salzburg for zone
conference with the Salzburg and Vienna  zones. It was a lovely time were we were able to learn and grow together as zones of this mission.
It was wonderful to have President  and Sister Kohler there. Salzburg is so pretty! It was such a wonderful day there.

On the way there Elder Ellwell and I started talking to the guy across the isle to us and he was so gracious enough to invite us to go get coffee in
Salzburg at a really classy cafe. We unfortunately did not have time to go but said when we get back to Vienna we would love to go to Hot Chocolate since we do not drink coffee. It was a long day but was excellent.
On Saturday we had an eating appointment with Andreas, as well as Theodora who is in the first Ward and the Sisters and Elder in that Ward.
General conference was amazing this weekend! We were able to watch the morning sessions live so at 6 in the evening here but live in America.
On Sunday we spent the day at the church watching priesthood and the sat afternoon session of conference. It was so great to watch it in English and with the rest of the missionaries here in Wien. I loved hearing the words of those who were able to address us. It is always a blessing to hear their words.
How is president foster?  I think of him often and I am so grateful for his service. 
Mom--I know a name a beautiful name dearest than any other it is the name
of mother! Ill love you forever I'll like you for always no matter
what my mother you will always be!

I loved conference!!!! I'm always climbing the mountain. But there are still amazing  views along the way that help.  I'm grateful I was taught how to stand on my own and make decisions.  Investigators are good I don't want to leave them in a few weeks, it is like giving a child away I don't want to do it!

The time is far spent so good morning have a glorious Monday morning.
I love you all and wish you a glorious week full of adventures and new
 Love you all!
Elder Bowers