Wednesday, November 11, 2015

If we listen to the Holy Ghost, He will lead us daily!

So last week for pday we went to Stephansdome with Wien 1 Elders and Sisters. It was great. I bought some new pants last week, Some Lederhosen. Today we went into the mountains and looked over all of Vienna it was so cool!
One cool hint is when we went to go by on some investigators we have not had contact with after we stopped and they weren't there so we walked away and as we walked away and she came and it was so cool to see out answer to our prayers!
This week we met with Sister Joveros the daughter friend Christian. He is so talented he is so great! On Thursday we were able to have the baptismal interview for Leo. We were able to meet and give a blessing to our investigator Andreas this week. We were also able to meet with our Ward mission leader and his family. They are wonderful people. We met with Petra! She is so crazily prepared! She has so much faith!
We also got to take tour with our friend Niship who is well not active but he gave us a tour of the technical universities library. We were also able to share time with Martin this week. This week Elder Dean and I have gotten to know each other a lot more. On Sunday we had a baptism for Leo. He is so awesome. He has so much faith. It was crazy a lot of the Ward stayed for it so we were packed into the relief society room but good. We kept bringing more chairs in.
We felt bad but the heat wasn't working that day so he was baptized in cold water. I'm not really sure what I said in my talk during the service about the Holy Ghost I know it was not how I planned. But that's okay I hope someone was touched by it. It was so great! Love you all have a great week!
Elder Bowers

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