Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas I love you and wish you a wonderful day!!!

So this week well what can I say. Just because I may be a year older does not mean that I do not still have things I still need to learn. I do. Just like today when a bike rider and I almost met each other on the sidewalk. So we have district meeting in Linz so we travel there on Tuesday and that takes up the afternoon between, lunch, travel, and the meeting itself.
This week I have been able to figure out a little bit more my way around Wels. We have such a loving ward here. On Wednesday we were able to share a meal with the Jaburick Family. They are so loving. On Friday we went Christmas caroling to some members and The Estevey, a mother and daughter investigating the church. It was interesting trying to sing some songs. We would sing one normal or well-known and then one Austrian and some of them were in very deep dialect. Such as the word for me in German is Ich but in some songs it was I. And you don’t say it like in English. Crazy how dialect can change things so much. Yesterday we were able to watch the first Christmas Devotional in German. It was delightful and I surprised myself by being able to understand what I did. We after church went to the Schmiedl Family home and shared a meal with them. Later we went to where their Son and his family on a walk with all of them, horses included. (Since they live in the same area as each other.) Outside Wels and so the ride out was pretty, there was so much  fog that you could not see too well and thought he hills a bit. But none the less it was a beautiful day.

This week has been an adventure. First Austrian Christmas checked off. But to begin this week we were able to share a meal with he Jaberik family and it was a lovely time. We also were able to help Bruder Hangl who was able to come to church on Sunday which was amazing. We were able to play some table tennis with him and chat with him more and get to know him better. On Christmas Eve as that is the big main day of celebration we were able to be with the Schmiedl family. There also were their 2 children and their families. It was great. When we arrived we started by making animals and characters for the nativity. Man am I not creative at all. My cow looked well now great. After which we help with dinner preparing.....TACOS!!!!!!! They were wonderful as there is no Mexican food here.
 After which we re-enacted the nativity but in modern language, it was an adventure. After which we went to a room while the Christkin, Christ child, came and delivered the gifts. It was so beautiful to walk in with the kids and having Bruder Schmiedl play an instrument that is like a harp or guitar but sits on the lap and is square. He played and we sand silent night with the candles lit on the Christmas tree. It was so precious to see the children open their packets slowly. It was so beautiful. We then helped put together the castle playset for the grandson. We even were given some lovely typical cookies. We then went caroling to the neighbors.
On the 25 I made Schnitzel in Lederhosen, naturally, and drank Almdudler for Lunch. I felt like an Austrian. We then were able to skype and it was a lovely time to being able to chat and SEE loved ones. I am so grateful for this modern technology. We were then able to go to Family Schulz and spend a little bit with them. On Saturday we met with Family Estevez. A mother and daughter investigating the church. They are so amazing. Very lovely people from Domican Republic. On Sunday there was a group of 16 people here in Wels from Australia\USA touring here with a grandfather who was born here then orphaned and then later shipped to Australia. We also were able to spend time Kräftner Family. They are wonderful and we were able to have such a lovely meal and time together. On the way home was the prettiest sunset of my life. I was not able to get a picture but it was breath taking. As we climbed the mountains and hills with the car and lifted out of the fog you could see the foggy blanket cover the valleys with peaks of mountains poking through with gorgeous colors of orange, pink, and sunset. It was stunning to say the least.
Today we went to Gmunden and that was breathtaking again. Sunny and with the lake and mountains just shooting out of nowhere right next to the lake. I am so grateful for this time to be a missionary. I’m grateful for this world we have to live in. I am grateful for my savior Jesus Christ. I am so grateful for him, He is my best friend. With the New Year coming I invite you to ponder and pray of goals you can set personally or with others that will help you or others have a better relationship with Jesus Christ. Prayerfully consider in what ways we can change to become more of what He wants and needs us to become. He sees what we can become already now as we follow with faith we can achieve so many great and marvelous things.

Merry Christmas I love you and wish you a wonderful day!!!

Love you all,

Elder Bowers

Saturday, December 12, 2015

I love you all and signing off for the last time in Vienna.

Well this week came and went, week of adventures. Last week we went to Christmas markets and well they were closed due to weather so we took photos. What a time. We went on a finding mini so I went with Elder Bybee from Pocatello. It was fun. This week we went and visited Rabaya family and Gizelle twice this week.

Gizellehas accepted to be baptized and we are working on finding a day that it can take place. We went to a member in Wien 5 named Moodi. We met with Petra as well this week. She is great and so prepared for baptism on the 26. Favour is doing great as we met with her this week. we met with Andreas this week and it was great. We met with our friend Miriam. We had such a great conversation. This week we also met with Niship.

So, this week we got transfer calls on the way to Salzburg for Christmas Conference. I will be heading out of Vienna and leaving
for Wels, Austria. I and working with Elder Stahle who I actually met
on Saturday in Salzburg. It was a great meeting there with other
missionaries and President.

On Sunday it was sad to say goodbye with all the members. I am so grateful for this time to be here in Vienna. I'm so blessed and I pray the Lord helps this area to keep going. I'm grateful for the friendships I have made and those friends here. I'm grateful for this memory. I love you all and signing off for the last time in Vienna.  I love the gospel and the charge that it makes in peoples lives.
Elder Bowers



Friday, December 4, 2015

Great to be a missionary and such an exciting time to help others know of Jesus Christ!

We went to more Christmas markets. It was such a fun afternoon with our
apartment. We met with Favour this week. She has such great faith in Jesus Christ. On Wednesday night we went to a member in the first Ward who invited us over for a thanksgiving feast, it was a lovely time spending it with them and others. On Thursday we were able to share time with Sister Jovero, she is such a grandma to us. She is such a loving person and she has so much faith in the Book of Mormon. She had just got back from a trip to Israel and all the other areas there.

Later that day we went on splits since we had many appointments, so I went out assistant mission leader to the Garcia home to spend time with them and Leo.

On Friday we help at the Vienna Austria center setting up for the United Nations Women Group bizarre, a charity event to help the children organizations so this year the money went to the refugee children. It was great chatting to people just normal while setting and moving boxes of books. After spending the morning there we went to exchanges. I stayed here in Wien. We met with Petra. She is so ready for the gospel. We also met with Niship and Destaney who are not as present at church as much. They both have great testimonies. It was great to spend time with them both individually.

On Saturday we went to the Austria center again to do more service so we helped volunteers find where they needed to go. It was so cool to see all the different countries there. They had a talent show, and booths from all around the world selling things and food. It was so neat to have Mexican well Panamanian food. While we were just about to leave we started noticing that all the miss countries were there and Miss America was there as well.

Later that day we had a stake missionary conference in Wiener Neustadt. It was a great meeting to help further the work; things I found needed to hear were spoken and felt.
Sunday was busy after church we had Ward council then had to hurry to
the institute center to set up for visitor night. We visited with Reynoldo and administer the sacrament to him with Brother Morgan. He is in the hospital. When we came he lit up and there were so many times where we felt the spirit. I had tears in my eyes in the end. He has been through a lot and has changed so much.  There were sweet moments I will cherish for my life. The sweet beauty of someone who desires to partake of the sacrament and to have the opportunity to remember the covenants made at baptism.

 I know Heavenly Father knows us and our desires. He knows what we can become what He wants us to be. He wasn't us to be the butterflies we were meant to become. So don't try to fit in when you were born to stand out.

Great to be a missionary and such an exciting time to help others know of Jesus Christ!

Love, Elder Seth Bowers