Saturday, December 12, 2015

I love you all and signing off for the last time in Vienna.

Well this week came and went, week of adventures. Last week we went to Christmas markets and well they were closed due to weather so we took photos. What a time. We went on a finding mini so I went with Elder Bybee from Pocatello. It was fun. This week we went and visited Rabaya family and Gizelle twice this week.

Gizellehas accepted to be baptized and we are working on finding a day that it can take place. We went to a member in Wien 5 named Moodi. We met with Petra as well this week. She is great and so prepared for baptism on the 26. Favour is doing great as we met with her this week. we met with Andreas this week and it was great. We met with our friend Miriam. We had such a great conversation. This week we also met with Niship.

So, this week we got transfer calls on the way to Salzburg for Christmas Conference. I will be heading out of Vienna and leaving
for Wels, Austria. I and working with Elder Stahle who I actually met
on Saturday in Salzburg. It was a great meeting there with other
missionaries and President.

On Sunday it was sad to say goodbye with all the members. I am so grateful for this time to be here in Vienna. I'm so blessed and I pray the Lord helps this area to keep going. I'm grateful for the friendships I have made and those friends here. I'm grateful for this memory. I love you all and signing off for the last time in Vienna.  I love the gospel and the charge that it makes in peoples lives.
Elder Bowers



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