Tuesday, February 16, 2016

I know this work is great and wonderful!

On Tuesday we did district meeting with the zone leader Elder dabei. After we went on exchanges, I stayed in Wels and worked with Elder Samuelsen. It was interesting how much I missed Elder Stahle, he is such a brother to me. I love being able to serve with him!

On Wednesday we exchanged back so we traveled to Salzburg in the morning and then got on a train 15 minutes later and came home. We were able to be with the Familie Jaburek, they are wonderful members of the church. I look forward to those times. We were able attend ward council and hear of the testimonies for the leader of the ward. We were able to meet with Bruder Hangl as well this week.

 Went to Attang-Puchheim this week to do finding where we found this old castle church which was super pretty. While dooring I happened to have a Croatians book of Mormon.   As we doored we found a man who spoke little German more English but not too much, who was from Croatia. We were able to give him the book and hope to return this week to follow up.

We were able to also visit with Sister Mörtelbauer and Florian. What a meal we had together and then polished the wood ceiling. We were able to meet with Jessica and the family with Brother Lehman there. He is such a wonderful example of Christ. He used to be Bishop here.

On Sunday we were able to help the primary and act out the story of the brass plates, what an adventure. Was weird trying to be Laban as a missionary? After which we went to the Schmidl home for lunch. It was a lovely time together.

Sorry short on time but this week has been full of miracle to many to write with not enough time. I know this work is great and wonderful! Love you all!

Elder Bowers

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