Sunday, March 13, 2016

Have a blessed week!!!!

Well this week was an adventure. We were able to spend an evening with Oliver Schmidl and family. That was so nice, they meant a lot to Elder Stahle. Wednesday we were able to spend time with Jaburek family again and have a lesson with Manuela. She knows so much. On Thursday was the big tear jerker day. Through the week it was sad to think Elder Stahle would actually but the day came to fast.
We made it to Salzburg just fine and then most of the missionaries made it in the train with most of the bags but then there was a group stuck in the elevator so a few minutes before the train left everyone had to get off and take a later train. I was not complaining because that meant I was able to spent more time with Elder Chilcutt, Elder Dean, Elder Wright, Elder Stahle and other that I knew that were being transferred. It was so sad seeing the train pull away I feel like I should have been on there since I had served around most of them and knew them pretty well. It was fun to see the missionaries come from Munich that either would stay in this zone or go over to Wien.
It was weird they came and left and I still had to wait for a bit until the train came in from Zurich. It will be something else this transfer working with a German. These last few days have been a little slow due to colds and such, but this coming week we will go to Salzburg so many times. We will go Friday for Mission tour and then Saturday and Sunday for Stake conference. It will be an adventure! Have a blessed week!!!!

Love you lots!

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