Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I'm thankful for my redeemer. He lives.

We were able to be with Sister Mörtelbauer and a young man from our ward. It was great. We were able to visit a member who was in the hospital and visit with him a bit. We were able to spent time with
Bruder Hangl and it was very nice to visit with him and feel of his spirit. This week we spent time at ward councils. Was great to see how the ward can work together. On Thursday we were able to meet with Manuela and that was very nice to spend time with her. It was great to see her faith. We also were able to visit Andrea who is a friend of the American couple in our ward. We were able to give her a Book of Mormon. On Friday we travel to the middle of nowhere. We took a train then a bus. We ended talking to the bus driver and he was so nice. After our appointment we walked back to the bus stop and we missed the bus that comes every hour by 2 minutes. So we went the other way and who was our bus driver. (The same one) He was really cool and was able to talk to him more. Once in Grieskirche we decided to eat lunch. We were able to talk to the kebab stand man and he said missionaries can come visit him again. That evening we were
able to spent time with the American couple. We had enchiladas. Sister Carter just had a baby on the 29.Feburary. So his mom is here. They were from Pocatello but now live in Provo. It was so nice to be with Americans and speaking English. 

On Saturday we spent time again with sister Mörtelbauer. We then went with the senior couple elder in Linz to visit a new convert who just moved into our ward. It was nice to spent time with him and chatting with him. Church was an adventure was a less active came and wanted a class in English. Elder Bensing was in another class already so I grabbed one of the ward missionary and taught her about Easter. It was an adventure pulling a lesson out of thin air. In sacrament attempting to translate for the Carters, just a little challenge.   I love this time of year. When we can remember Jesus and what he has done for me on an individual level. I'm thankful for my redeemer. He lives.
This last week as I have had the chance to learn and ponder I have thought more about the relationship we can have with our Father in Heaven. It is such a beautiful gift we have we can talk to him. We do not need to pay a collect call or worry about roaming fees. This line of communication is always available. As we have the chance to talk to our Father, do we really take this opportunity to do so. As we begin to take this time and hold it as what is it, a privilege, wonder, miracle or what you can say it is; we will be blessed as we take time to really talk to Him and He will be there for us, always. What a magnificent promise we have and chance we have this life to learn and to grow. To build relationships that will extend into the next life of friendships, family relationships, and relationships to Our Father and His son, our Brother Jesus Christ.

Elder Bowers

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