Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Praise the Lord!

Just a little background, on Saturday we received an email from Elder Bowers informing us that he had lost his wallet.  He was nervous about his debit card being use.  We quickly called the bank and canceled his card.  He was so upset about it and figured he would have to transferred to Germany because of the missing visa.  He also had received a ticket of $150.00 because he did not have his proper ID on the train a few months ago, and knew that without his wallet he could receive another. He explained he had taken a large amount of money out of the bank Monday and was very grateful he had not left it in his wallet.  He said he only had about $20.00 in his wallet when he lost it.  After many prayers in our hearts and spoken, we received this email this morning from him!  
So many prayers have been answered and a miracle has happened!!!
We found my wallet with my visa and license still there!! No money but hey I'm so grateful that my visa and license and both credit cards were there. Love you thanks for your prayers!

Elder Bowers

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