Sunday, May 8, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Well my week was well. Nothing to crazy!  I had interviews in Salzburg, from President Kohler which was nice.   We were able this week to meet with many members of the church and spend time with them. It was wonderful to see the saint of the church helping others.  We were able to serve many members.  It was a week of new adventures and memories.

Happy Mother’s Day!  Throughout my studies this last week I have been reading and pondering in Alma 56:47-48.  In my mind I have been pondering how this applies in my life.  Let me share my thoughts piece by piece. 

At the beginning the people choose not to fight, but did not fear death from not protecting themselves. They we taught just as I was taught in my youth, to go experience new things, I may have never done before. They were taught to trust in God.   I needed to not fear new experiences.  I needed not to fear new things such as speaking another language, living in a foreign land, and sharing my beliefs with strangers because I learned to rely and trust in God.  I learned to be ready to stand tall for what I know to me true. 

They thought more about the liberty of their fathers than of themselves.  As a missionary, you seek to help others find the liberty.  I have witnessed the liberty of my father and mother. I hold a special place in my heart for the things I have been taught from my father or mother.  I have seen how my parents care more about how they can help those around them at time more than themselves.  These things could only be taught by someone’s example and lifelong learning.  Someone had to set the ground work, set the background and understands that there is a behind the scene support.  I am so grateful for loving parents.  As I think about my mother, as this week is Mother’s Day.  I know that I have been supported by my mother all my life.

Within the last verse we see that their mothers taught them what a testimony is and how to be strong in times of need.   I have been given a mother that has instilled in me the understanding of how to make me strong enough to stand as a witness of Jesus Christ, just as the warriors of old I know that God exists because of my mother teachings. I know that God loves me and is always there for me, because of the teachings from my mother.  Some of the teachings that I learned from my mother was the story of Daniel and the Lion’s den.  Daniel believed in a God that would protect him and save him from evil.  Daniel had confidence in God.  Daniel was prepared for the challenges that would come with a life of service to God.

Mom, you always have supported me and willing to let me use agency in my life.  Mom, have been my amazing cheerleader in America.  You have been one of my dearest friends.  You have always been there for me from day one.  Thank you mom for living the way you have chosen.  You always strive to follow Christ and to be a better child of God.  I love you to the moon and back, I love you Mom.  I’ll love you forever; I’ll like you for always, no matter what my mother you will be. 

 Your missionary son,

 Elder Sunshine Seth Bowers 💛💜💙

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